1. Get an internship

Employment is pretty fun, hey?


Internships and graduate fairs

Anyone got any tips for graduate fair success?

A Closer Look: Account Manager

Professionelles co-founder Natalie Johnson offers an insight into the PR world.

Dear my 21 year old self…

Please don’t be another graduate unemployment statistic.

A Closer Look: Consultant (Public Affairs)

Olivia Hind talks about what’s involved in public affairs consulting.

13. Get more involved in student life

Eat your heart out Dave Lamb, I can make an amazing tarte tatin.

5. Take the train to Liverpool

My ‘One Year, One City’ quest led me to find myself seeing what Liverpool had to offer.

A Closer Look: Marketing and Events Officer

A Closer Look returns as Amy Allen offers insight into the work of a marketing officer.


I wish I had an extra pair of arms, or more hours in the day.

Twitter Tips

I’ve been sharing networking tips on the Manchester Uni Careers blog.