Plans for summer 2013

Please help me find summer plans so I don’t spend my summer in Sainsbury’s baking aisle.


But I don’t have a media degree…

How to start a media career without a ‘media’ degree.

A digital identity

A reflective post for ‘The Digital Society’ course at UoM.

A brief (but very exciting) update

I got a job offer!

2. Go to And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

Students of Manchester, please venture out of the Fallowfield bubble.

An introduction to Advertising…

Want to work in advertising? Two Ogilvy grads share their top tips…

Vine: The next big thing for digital marketing?

This morning I watched a brand’s vine, then consumed their product. Good marketing?

Marketing Valentine’s

Apparently I can no longer enjoy a pudding alone.

4. Eat Tapatizers at The Alchemist

If I overlook the mistakes, I had a great evening.

Who’s your favourite brand on Twitter?

On the back of horse burger-gate, I reflect on my favourite brands on Twitter