One Year, One City

It’s true.

One of the biggest outcomes from this year of job hunting is most likely to be where in the world I end up living and working after graduation. For now though, I’ve quickly settled back into student (or perhaps a not-so-studenty) life in Manchester. Whilst on my semester abroad in Australia, I wrote a list of everything I wanted to do in my six months there and it really inspired me to get out and live life to the fullest. I came back with a new energy for life and it seems this has translated into a new ambition to do as much as possible in my time left in Manchester. It’ll also be used to remind myself to have a life outside of university and my job hunt. Who knows maybe I’ll be here long past 30 June 2013…

  1. Get an internship
  2. Go to And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon
  3. Have a curry in Rusholme
  4. Eat Tapatizers at The Alchemist
  5. Take the train to Liverpool
  6. Go to Stockport Hat Museum
  7. Be in the audience of a show at MediaCity – DONE
  8. Do something fun in Spinningfields – DONE
  9. See Sale Sharks play rugby
  10. Go to Dough in the Northern Quarter – DONE (many, many times)
  11. Eat an amazing burger – DONE (even more times)
  12. Find quirky digital-esque events to attend
  13. Get more involved with student life
  14. Have breakfast at Home Sweet Home
  15. Explore MOSI
  16. Fly to Belfast for the weekend

The list will be updated and hyperlinks will be added when things are achieved. I’m always eager to hear suggestions for what else I should get up to. Tweet me your suggestions!