About the blog

I created this blog on July 1st 2012 after years of debating what I wanted to do ‘when I grow up’.

I wrote these words…

“It was the beginning of a new financial year in Australia, where I was at the time, and that morning I’d received my results for my second year of university. It seemed my semester at Melbourne University was officially over and I was soon to be returning to the UK to commence my final year studying BA Linguistics at the University of Manchester.

But what did I want to do after graduation?

On July 1st 2013, I will have completed my final year at The University of Manchester, and should have received my results. On this day, I want to know what I’ll be doing for the next year, where in the world I’ll be living and ultimately, whether I’ll have a job lined up.

This blog will track my progress whilst also exploring different industries and allowing me to share my insight into the working world. I’ve previously written for The Guardian about using social media for networking, so why not try and use a blog to help me find a job?”

In the end, I got a job and now this blog is a place for general ramblings about careers, social media and anything else that I feel like writing about.