About me

I’m @catherineelaine. Or Catherine May.

I love the internet. I love social media. I love blogs. In fact, I’ve had many blogs over the years. Most recently here, here and here.

Back in 2012, I wrote these words…

“My fascination with social media, brands and the internet makes me want to work in the marketing sector, with a view to specialising in digital marketing. I’m also particularly partial to the FMCG industry as I think it would be pretty awesome to be a part of a team who create a campaign that makes you add that washing up liquid, shampoo or chocolate bar to your trolley. Wouldn’t that be cool?

My Linguistics degree might not immediately seem the most relevant but it’s taught me the importance of deadlines, lots of data analysis skills,  how to communicate in different styles and ultimately, some parts of linguistics are so immensely  interesting that it’s inspired me to find something else I love to pursue for the rest of my life.

In life, I always seek to grab any opportunities I can. I created this blog at the end of a semester abroad studying at The University of Melbourne. My time abroad has led me to question where I want my future to be and when I started this blog I was looking at a few different options. Four months on and I’ve got a much better idea of what I want to be doing but there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

In February 2013, I was offered a place on a graduate scheme at a large media company to work in their digital arm. I started working for their social media agency in September 2013.