A year on.

The past year has taken me to many places and yet one year on I'm back in the same country.

The past year has taken me to many places and yet one year on I’m not so far from where I began

A year ago today I was sat on my aunt’s sofa in Sydney contemplating what my future had in store. Back then I had vague ideas of what I wanted out of life but there was nothing concrete at the end of my degree and so this blog was born.

Twelve months later and I’m sat on another relative’s sofa on the other side of Australia and I’m so happy with how things have unfolded. Although a blog post can’t really do it justice I thought I’d briefly reflect on the past year to show that it is possible to find a graduate job alongside final year studies.

I found myself an incredible internship

This was one of my first missions when I got back to Manchester in September as I wanted to gain some digital marketing experience to see if that was an industry I’d enjoy. I was really, really fortunate to get a paid work placement at Reason Digital and learnt so much working with the team there. And it also made me see how much I wanted to continue to work in digital marketing which I’m super grateful to have realised.

I applied for several graduate schemes

Before I landed my job offer I’d applied for a few more generic FMCG marketing graduate schemes with varying success but the application forms themselves, as well as company-led talks gave me a great insight into that industry and ultimately led me to realise that I wanted to be a bit more specialised within the world of marketing.

I got a job offer

After an online application, Skype interview, numerical tests and an assessment centre, I was fortunate enough to be offered a place on the inaugural graduate scheme at an international media agency. My role will be in the digital arm of the company and I could be doing anything for their search, mobile or social media agencies. I start on September 9th and I really can’t wait to throw myself into a full time job in the digital marketing sector.

I finished my degree

Whilst I’m fully aware I possibly didn’t give my degree all the love and attention it deserved this year (instead choosing to devote a percentage of my time to interning, job-searching and eating burgers in various Manchester establishments), I’m delighted to say that I graduated with a 2:1 in my BA (Hons) Linguistics from The University of Manchester. I’m sad to be missing graduation (although I understand we’re having an alternate hat-wearing celebration in Perth instead) as I’d love to have been there one last time with all my friends, but having spent the morning on a free walking tour of Perth in the sun I think I made the right decision.

I came back to Australia

This wasn’t in the plan. At all. But with my job offer secured and fewer shifts expected from my usual holiday job I decided to make the most of my final summer off work and fly back to Australia to do the travelling I couldn’t fit in last year. I’ve been in Perth for three days now and am already loving the winter sun on the green parks and enjoyed a beautiful boat trip to Fremantle yesterday. I’m here until September 2nd so have lots of exploring to do but I’m particularly excited to be heading up North along the coast to Broome in a few weeks to discover more of the West Coast. And I’m even squeezing in ten days in Melbourne in August to see some Study Abroad friends and revisit all my favourite eateries.

So there you have it. That was my year. I said that by July 1st 2013 I wanted to have a job, or at least know what I wanted to do in life. And I think I pretty much have done both.

If you’ve just finished your penultimate year of university, whether you’ve been studying abroad or not, please know that finding a job in a year is not impossible at all. If you treat it like an extra module then you’ll start to see opportunities appearing and before you know it you’ll have graduated.

My year has been pretty amazing and I’m so grateful to all the opportunities that have been sent in my direction.

Although the year is over, something tells me this is just the beginning. Who knows what the next twelve months have in store…

Home for the next two months.

Home for the next two months.