The End: Work experience, online writing and uni

Every ending's a new beginning - Jason Reeves, The End

“Every ending’s a new beginning” – Jason Reeves, The End

In the space of a month, I’ve left one job, one internship, an online writing gig and I’ve finished university.

Life as I know it, it seems, is coming to an end. And with that comes some amazing new experiences and adventures that I’m about to begin, but today I’m feeling overly reflective about the things I’m leaving behind.

I’m resigning from my part time job of five years. Despite this being the longest employment I’ve ever had, it’s also the part of my life I’m most happy to leave behind. It’s been a great job to have and has kept me financially solvent over the years, but I’m glad I can finally leave it to earn money doing something I really love.

Yesterday I finally emailed my editors at More Than The Music to say I was stopping contributing (a decision I’d been mulling over for a while) and I’ve spent the past hour reading over the site and being amazed at how much Lisa and Jo have grown the site in the three years I’ve been writing for them. The site has presented me with some incredible opportunities, from interviewing the likes of Washington and Butterfly Boucher to reviewing live gigs from Joshua Radin and Passenger. If I wasn’t spending the summer overseas and then entering the full time work force, I’d have gladly carried on writing for them forever. If you are a female music writer looking to gain experience (and attend a few gigs along the way) then definitely take a look at More Than The Music.

Last month I finished my Linguistics degree at The University of Manchester (I’m still nervously waiting on my results) which meant leaving the city and moving back home. As such, I had to finish up my internship at Reason Digital. I’ve had such an amazing time working for such a lovely company who’ve given me the greatest introduction into the world of digital media. I’ve worked on Big Chip Awards nominated campaigns, helped organise an event with a Secret Millionaire and watched their Twitter following grow day by day as I took control of their social media. The team there really care about helping out young people and if you’re an aspiring web designer, developer or content creator then I’d recommend keeping a keen eye on them as a company.

So yes, it feels a bit as though everything’s coming to an end at the moment. But what’s next?

Well I’ve got two more weeks at home procrastinating (please hit me up if anyone wants any work doing) before a few days in Venice celebrating the end of university with friends and then I’m off on my solo adventures in Australia for nine weeks. If you know anyone who will be in Perth or Melbourne in July/August who might fancy meeting up for a coffee/breakfast/gig watching/digital media chats then please get in touch.

And then come September 9th, I start work for MAP at IPG Mediabrands. And that’ll be a whole new adventure.