That summer in between.

Melbourne, I'm coming back for you.

Melbourne, I’m coming back for you.

I’ve booked my flights.

A few posts back, I was talking about my summer plans and how I really had nothing concrete there to get excited about. I knew if I didn’t make plans soon I’d end up working back at the hospital. And that would have been fine. But I didn’t want my last summer to be ‘fine’. I wanted my final three months before I enter the 9 to 5(:30) brigade to be better than fine. I wanted to create memories, make friends and do something different.

There were two ways I could do this. I could have attempted to sort myself out a summer of awesome work placements in creative companies where I could soak up knowledge and inspiration to put me in good stead for September. Or I could go away.

I’d been pretty set on the first idea for a while. I had ideas of companies to approach and was about to make contact with a few when I started to think about what other people had been telling me.

“This is your last summer, you have the rest of your life to work.”

I’d been blissfully ignoring this advice; my eagerness to get started in a career I really desired was telling me a summer of work experience was exactly what I wanted.

But I was talking about ‘the future’ over Easter and somehow a talk about my mum wanting to go back to Australia, led to me very quickly assessing my finances, booking a return flight to stay with my cousin in Perth and owing STA Travel more money than I currently have to my name.

I leave at the end of June, returning the week before I start at IPG.

I’ve got a trip up to Broome booked, my aunt’s planning to visit from Sydney and I am intending to fly over to Melbourne for a week or two to see friends and further explore the city that I love so much.

At first I was worried I’d rushed my decision, but now I’ve realised I’m not going to get another nine weeks to spend travelling around Australia for a long time. I’m living for the now.

What does this mean for my existing summer plans? Well, the only thing is that I’m now missing my graduation, but in the choice between two weeks longer in Australia and sitting through a two hour ceremony, the former was always going to win. I’m sad I can’t be there to celebrate with my friends, but at least I don’t have to buy into the utter con that is graduation robes.

While in Australia I don’t want to lose sight of my alternative summer plans though. I’m only on a tourist visa, so can’t work there, but would love to learn more about the digital scene in Perth and am keeping an eye out for any events that may be happening. I’ve subscribed to Campaign Brief WA and am enjoying the daily updates from the Australian advertising industry. I think I’ll be keeping an eye out in Melbourne too as, ultimately, part of the current life plan is to end up working in social media/digital marketing over there one day.

So there it is. I know have some very concrete plans to fill that awkward ‘in between’ summer.

Am I missing out by skipping graduation? Is there much of a digital scene in Perth? What must I do on the West Coast?

Have I written this blog post for the sole purpose of delaying me starting my logical quantifier coursework? YES.