Vine: The next big thing for digital marketing?

Will Vine catch on for digital marketing purposes?

Will Vine catch on for digital marketing purposes?

The owners of Twitter have come up with a new app. It’s called Vine. If you’re on Twitter (and if you’re not – why not?) then you’ll probably have already have seen it appearing in your feed.

It’s a simple app – but its genius lies in its simplicity. Users can make six second videos using the simplest recording technique.

Press your finger on the screen to record. Take it off to stop record. Repeat until six seconds is over.

The video includes sound and when played back it loops itself so it’s a bit like a gif.

This may all seem a little pointless – maybe it can make a funny clip, but what can actually be achieved in such a short time?

Well, marketing has no time restrictions and so it’s been interesting to see who’s been jumping on board the Vine bandwagon this week.

I was doing a bit of searching around the interwebs at work this week and found that some charities are already using the service and are generating a lot of interactions on Twitter because of it. Diabetes UK, Asthma UK and Dogs Trust all have used the app innovatively.

This morning, I saw a great use of Vine to show off a product within the FMCG sector. It was a promoted tweet – but I initially failed to notice that because I do follow @CadburyUK

And in response, this happened:

You see folks, using Vine for marketing can result in people wanting to eat your product.

All within the space of six seconds.

I’m just waiting to see what the clever kids at @innocentdrinks can do with it. I’d be surprised if they aren’t one of the next brands to dip their toes into the waters of Vine.

Have you used Vine? Or do you have any more examples of brands using the service well?