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What are the most important skills needed in digital roles? Photo: patparslow @Flickr

What are the most important skills needed in digital roles? Photo: patparslow @Flickr

What skills could you bring to the role?

What have you learnt at university that can be applied to this role?

What relevant transferrable skills do you have?

Why should we hire you?

These are the types of questions I’ve been seeing quite a lot recently. Oh yes, job application season is well underway and although I’ve only made a few applications, I’ve been reading through an awful lot of adverts.

It’s led me to question what I can really bring to each role, and why I would be better suited to the role than other applicants. To be honest, I’m not always too sure. I remember seeing a careers consultant at uni before the start of Semester 1, talking about grad schemes and how I was going to apply to them but wasn’t expecting much. In a way, I still feel this way but over the past few months I’ve started to realise that someone’s got to get the job and maybe, just maybe, that could be me.

So just what are the skills that graduates of 2013 need to secure jobs in the digital/marketing/media sector?

Currently I try and push my communication skills gained through my degree and work experience. I don’t have a solid technical background – yet – so can’t sell myself with those sorts of hard skills. I have heaps of data analysis experience from my degree (so many statistical significance tests and morphological analysis) and have done my fair share of presentations.

Then I do my best to turn my social networking and blogging into a desirable skill. I know how to use WordPress, how to start conversations on Twitter and how to cross promote content across social networks to drive traffic.

This is what I do, but is it what recruiters are looking for?

I posed a similar question on Twitter about what skills were needed in marketing roles and I was met with a great answer about ensuring you have the ability to market something to the target audience – not to yourself, or just to the client.

When I asked digital and social media job listings site Bubble Jobs, I got this great response of what they most commonly see asked for in job ads…

And more suggestions from other lovely folk on Twitter…

The more input I can get, the more insight this can offer. I’ll keep updating this post with responses I receive on Twitter, but feel free to comment with your suggestions below.

What do you think are the most important skills to have in the digital/marketing/media sector? And how best can you acquire them?