One semester down, one to go.

Meeting Ben Folds

Slightly unrelated, but I also met Ben Folds this semester and that’s worth a mention, no?

Save the 200 words I need to add to my longitudinal study of Bruce Forsyth’s /l/ vocalisation, I’m all finished with The University of Manchester in 2012. I might have only spent three months or so in the city this year, but I feel I’ve done quite a lot whilst I’ve been there.

My graduate job hunt is now in full swing. I’m waiting to hear back about an Assessment Centre from one company but now my attention has largely turned to seeking out inspiring digital agencies to research and send speculative emails to. When I’ve been researching FMCG marketing jobs these past few months I’ve really been fascinated by the marketing of everyday goods but I’ve also learnt that quite a lot of the digital and social media campaigns come from agencies rather than in house so I’m thinking that could be a great avenue for me. I’m going to spend most of my day today (post-Forsyth essay) researching agencies and compiling a spreadsheet but please let me know if you know of any agencies who you’re currently impressed with/who you know are seeking graduates.

What else have I done this semester?

I found myself my internship which I’m really enjoying. I’ve been writing lots of blogs, working on pitch ideas, learnt how to use the back office of a site that isn’t WordPress (yay for CMS) and now know so much more about the not-for-profit sector. Each week I spent the first part of my day researching for the latest news in the not-for-profit tech industry and there are always plenty of stories which really interest me.

I’ve also helped lecture a class of 20-odd second and third years about social networking for career purposes, made connections with two industry insiders through UoM’s mentoring programs and even picked up my hockey stick for my first (and possibly last) match in five years.

There have been times where I’ve been so busy I’ve been waking up at 5am and times when I’ve been longing for a Melburnian summer, but overall it’s been a great start to my final year. Now to get on with finishing this essay and then I guess the next academic job will be revising for my January exams.

As always, please get in touch (on here, email or via Twitter) with any suggestions/advice and let me know of your favourite digital agencies.