A Closer Look: Graphic Designer

Stephen says every job is different in graphic design. Photo: University of the Fraser Valley @Flickr

Today’s job profile looks at a role that’s often considered more technically creative than some others, but Stephen Bradshaw from Design108 thinks the key to success in graphic design is to keep it simple…

What is your official job title? Graphic Designer/Printer
What does your average day involve (if an average day even exists)? Working with Designers and Art Directors to deliver the artwork they require.
What are the biggest challenges of your job? Keeping up with the workload!
What do you enjoy most about your job? No day is the same and every job is different.
What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into a similar position? Keep it simple, be as economical as you can and don’t get bogged down in technology.

Thanks so much to Stephen for getting on board with this project. If you work in the media/creative industry and have five minutes to spare to help create this careers resource, please have a read about the project here.