Global Networking

Turns out there are a lot of interesting people in this world. Photo: fdecomite @Flickr

Yesterday afternoon I headed into university (Yes, in Reading Week) for a bit of networking for Global Graduates. I had read the event description on CareersLink and questioned whether it was for home students but it specified it was for UK and International Students and after checking with a careers advisor via Facebook whether it would be worth me going along I was convinced. I walked into Crawford House 5.004 (I seem to be heading there a lot of late) and saw a Powerpoint clearly saying “International Students”. After another student asked me if I was Greek (my pale as anything skin clearly didn’t stop them thinking I could be a bronzed Mediterranean beauty) I treble checked that I was allowed to be there and the careers advisor said it was really aimed at Internationals as part of Internationals’ Careers Week but anyone could come along. And so I stayed. And met interesting people from all around the world.

After a brief introductory talk from the careers advisor we were asked to introduce ourselves to the person next to us and say who would be our dream person to meet at this event. My partner, Daniella from Nigeria wanted to meet someone who worked for the UN. Alas I do not know anyone who works for the UN, then again she didn’t seem to know any digital marketers in Australia either. We then had to feed back to the room who our partners had wanted to meet. For some reason the room found my suggestion of a digital marketer from Australia a bit specific (though surely it’s only as specific as saying you want to meet a chemical engineer from India?!) joking did I have a specific town or village I was looking at. I laughed that I could name a few preferred Melburnian suburbs but alas nothing came of it. I did later try to reiterate that I actually did have broader horizons and an open mind but I somehow became ‘Australian Digital Marketing girl’.

So maybe I didn’t meet my ‘dream’ networker, but I did meet a whole bunch of other driven students and it showed me the potential we all have of meeting someone who could lead you to your dream connection. Daniella did get to meet people in the room who knew people who worked for the UN as it happens.

It got me thinking, if a room of 30 people can see a lot of people getting one degree closer to their dream connection, then the internet really must be able to connect us all to anyone.

Hi, I’m Catherine and I’d (still) rather like to meet an Australian digital marketer. Who are you and who would you like to meet? You never know who we all might know…