Want to work in the media? Get online.

The web is the the best place to scour the hidden job market.

In the past 24 hours I’ve been asked to write about my media work experience and how I got it twice. Both times I’ve written all about the various routes of getting work experience but I can’t express it enough that if you’re a student struggling to gain media work experience then you should get online.

Want to work in journalism but struggling to build a portfolio? Get a blog. WordPress.com will host your blog for free and is really simple to navigate – if you get stuck I’m more than happy to help you set one up. Plus basic WordPress knowledge is a great skill to have as many sites will upload content through a similar system.

See yourself as the next big thing in marketing? Get a blog. Show that you can create content people want to read and then promote it to gain traffic. Prove that you can get content read by an audience and voila, you’ve just done your first bit of marketing.

Want to work in broadcasting? Get a vlog. Or a blog. Anyone can make a film on a camera phone so grab your phone and show your talents. Put it on Youtube or put it on your own blog where you can collate a portfolio of your skills and then write about how you filmed them and just generally write about why you’re so wonderful.

Same goes for PR enthusiasts (you can make great PR contacts), Radio wannabes (integrate podcasts on a blog) and pretty much any other media career you can think up.

Blogs are pretty amazing, but blogs are even better when they’re backed up with a strong social media presence. I’ve  said it before and I’ll say it again, but I wouldn’t have gotten half the work experience I have today without Twitter. Use it correctly and it’ll become an invaluable tool in your search for experience. Often work experience isn’t advertised – speculative enquiries are the way forward – and starting conversations with industry professionals on Twitter can be a great way to get your name out there.

So yes, if you’re struggling to get the media work experience that your CV is longing for, get online.