1. Get an internship

This is not me. Or where I work. It’s Flickr’s answer to “Digital Agency” Photo: VFS Digital Design @Flickr

When I started third year I looked forward to my four day weekend. After a timetable change in Week 1, my Mondays off quickly disappeared and now my weekend has been shortened to be the staple two days. That’s right, on a Friday I now catch a bus with commuters into the bright lights of the city and head to work.

I’ve only been to my internship twice but it’s safe to say I already love it in my dorky overenthusiastic way.

It’s at one of the many digital agencies in town (the digital scene in Manchester is really flourishing and it’s great to be a part of it) and so far I’ve been kept busy researching and writing blog posts, crafting tweets and even had the opportunity to think up an idea that’s being developed into a pitch for a client. Pretty exciting for two days work.

I interned one day a week throughout first year and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed interspersing my week of lectures with real world life experience. My advice for arts students with few contact hours: get work experience. Make the most of your free time whilst it’s still there and you’ll reap the benefits.

I’m sure I’ll continue to highlight the goings on from my internship on here as time passes, but for now I’ve got coursework that needs to be done. And I need to finish a blog post I said I’d finish for work.

Oh life, if you weren’t this busy I’m not sure I’d know what to do with you.