5. Take the train to Liverpool

The grey clouds weren’t going to stop me enjoying my holiday.

So whilst my weekday posts shall continue as normal, weekend posts will now be focussed on One Year, One City. I’m endeavouring to see and do as much as I can whilst living in Manchester and I thought I’d start things off by talking about leaving the charms of city for a daytrip to explore another part of the North West: Liverpool.

In my interview for my new internship, the conversation somehow turned to the fact that I’d never been to Liverpool. I think I was going off on a tangent about feeling more internationally flexible than I am about living around the UK and before I knew it I was blabbering away about my failure to catch a 44 minute long train journey out of Manchester. With one free Friday before I start my new role, I thought there was no finer time to hop on the train and see what Liverpool had to offer.

On arrival in Liverpool we (I’d hyped up my daytrip enough for Natalie, Lauren and Tom to join me) headed straight to St George’s Hall, largely because it was the first thing we saw. We briefly wandered around the building, contemplated if they were setting up a Bring & Buy sale and then ventured further into the city. I immediately liked the simplicity of the town planning – it was so easy to navigate my way around! After a quick stop to laugh at novelty knitwear in Pop Boutique we made our way down to Albert Docks where we began a day of museum visiting. First up was the Maritime Museum where I indulged my penchant for interactive exhibits in ‘Seized: The Borders and Customs uncovered’. I spotted shifty looking cartoon characters and scanned fake parcels for drugs. I still maintain that if this marketing career doesn’t turn out so well I would love a job in customs. I’ve watched so many episodes of Border Patrol/Nothing to Declare/UK Border Force that I feel I’m more than qualified (Yes, I’m very aware they do require extensive training, but the shows are all great recruitment ads).

We then headed upstairs to the National Slavery Museum and then popped back into the city centre for lunch. Not wanting to stray too far from my Manchester comforts, I had a Taco Sampler at Barburitto. (Side note: I hope the Taco Sampler becomes permanent – it saves me so much decision making)

Then it was back to the docks for a visit to the Tate Liverpool where I took the above photo. We sought shelter from the grey sky and immersed ourselves in rooms full of contemporary art. The free exhibitions alone make for a great cultural experience and I’d definitely recommend a visit.

After the Tate we were a bit cultured-out but still did a quick trip around the Museum of Liverpool, although Natalie and I did find ourselves spending most of our time in the kids fairy-lit teepee.

Hot chocolates in the cafe downstairs weren’t quite enough to fully reenergise us and so we called an end to the holiday and went back to Liverpool Lime Street.

I wrote postcards on the train home.

No really, that’s not even a joke. I hope my grandparents don’t read this blog as it renders their delightful postcard pointless.

Am I glad I made use of a free day to explore more of the North West? Definitely.

But there’s still so much more to see…

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