And so it begins…

It’s as though I never left… Credit: Gene Hunt

Last night I attended my first Graduate Scheme event after a four hour round commute to London. It was a candidate event run with a recruitment consultancy and multinational FMCG company and it was a great opportunity to gain insight into what the scheme actually involves.

I got to talk to someone who is just starting their second year on the Sales and Marketing scheme and it genuinely sounds like an amazing environment to work in. You get to do a good balance of placements in both sales and marketing and it sounds as though you can really make a huge difference in the company. Senior staff members know the grads by name and seem open to appropriate suggestions from the newer staff.

So yes, I was more than a bit inspired. But equally I’m still torn between whether I want to pursue general marketing or try to get an entry level position into digital marketing. I feel I could learn so much either way, but there’s still some decisions to be made somewhere down the line.

In other career-based news, I hopefully made a good contact with a local digital marketing company at the University of Manchester’s Start of Term Fair, who genuinely use digital media for good (working with not-for-profits and charities) and I’m eager to find out if there’s any chance of getting involved with them as I’m sure I could learn a wealth of new skills and get an idea of a whole other side of the industry. I’ve always maintained that social media, SEO and HTML can do amazing things, but this company takes it to a whole new level. I’d just printed off my CV in the library (don’t get me started on my non-functioning printer) so I handed a copy over and will see how that pans out.

Oh, and at Fresher’s Fair I also discovered my face is still plastered inside the Manchester Careers Guide with a slightly out-of-date story of my social media work experience hunting. If anyone wants to brave seeing a real close-up of my face, turn to page 40.

Three days in to my time back in Manchester and it feels as though I never left. I’ve managed to blag tickets to the launch of the 15th Manchester Food and Drink Festival tonight so I’m looking forward to throwing myself back into the food scene here (brunch at Trof Fallowfield yesterday was rather delicious – the Chunky Monkey milkshake was amazing!) and I’m learning to carry my CV with me at all times. You never know who you’re about to meet…

Manchester, let’s keep these good vibes a-flowing.