I searched Flickr for ‘decision making’ and this thoughtful fellow appeared. Credit: U.S Naval War College, Flickr

So it seems all the questions at the top of this page are now a bit void.

Two months into my year’s job search and my heart’s pretty set on a role focused on marketing or digital marketing although I fully intend to garner as many transferrable skills as possible as I know there’s a lot of overlap between these media industries.

Today I was back at The University of Manchester for the first of two training days for my new role as a Sub-Editor of The Mancunion (quite possibly – but not definitely – the UK’s largest student paper). I also found time to have my CV checked over and have since hung out in the library (I have no wifi in my student house yet – it’s pretty traumatic) to do a complete CV overhaul.

I’m on a hunt to learn as much as possible about the Marketing grad schemes that are on offer so if anyone has any experience of any then it’d be great to have a quick chat. I’m particularly interested in schemes within the FMCG industry at the moment.

I know semester hasn’t even started yet, but somehow I feel this year is going to be over before I know it.

Anyone else considering grad schemes or making drastic decisions about their post-graduation life yet? Any tips for the grad scheme process?