Back to reality

Australian Beach

My semester in Australia is well and truly over.

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. What with limited internet in New Zealand hostels and a broken modem in Sydney, I’ve been pretty cut off.

After six months studying and travelling in Australia and New Zealand, I now find myself back in the UK feeling like I never left. I arrived Thursday night and will be starting my first shift back at work in just under two hours. I’m working double shifts today and tomorrow whilst seeking out my other boss to try and get more shifts there too.

In Australia I only worked one evening doing market research at the State of Origin match, back at home I’ve not been unemployed since I was 14 so have thrown myself back into the working world.

So what next?

Well I’m in the South of England for another six weeks with a few trips to Manchester planned for training for my role on the student paper next year.

And as for this blog, it’ll be back to regular updates from me, more discursive posts and hopefully I can get the ‘A Closer Look‘ series back on track. I’ll be posting a really detailed profile this week that’s definitely worth a read.

That’s all, I best get ready for work.

Maybe it wasn’t the best time to start a new blog just before a fortnight of backpacking on the other side of the world…