A Closer Look: Freelance Broadcast Journalist

David Mooney at work as a Freelance Broadcast Journalist

So far, A Closer Look has been offering insight into the roles of staffers for particular companies and employers. Freelancing is an alternative options that’s particularly common within the journalism industry but also elsewhere in the media industry. Today, David Mooney talks about being a Freelance Broadcast Journalist.

What is your official job title? Freelance Broadcast Journalist
• What does your average day involve (if an average day even exists)? No average day, but on a day on the newsdesk, it typically involves keeping up to date with everything going on in that patch, speaking to sources and interviewing them for stories, plus writing and reading the hourly news bulletins.
• What are the biggest challenges of your job? Keeping things fresh. I’m involved with the news all day and it can get stale, so re-writing is important. Being freelance, another big challenge is actually finding work.
• What do you enjoy most about your job? It allows me to be creative. No two stories are the same, so no two news scripts are the same.
• What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into a similar position? Work placements! It’s very important to get on the job experience. Do more than the minimum whatever course you’re on requires. And continue to strive to get better, even if you’re in paid journalism.

Thanks to David for getting on board with this project. If you work in the media/creative industry and have five minutes to spare to help create this careers resource, please have a read about the project here.