Looking ahead

For the past fortnight I’ve been a bit quiet. That’s because I’ve been living out of a backpack, discovering some amazing landscapes and attempting to find New Zealand’s least expensive internet options. Whilst I was less successful at the latter, I did have a lovely two weeks but now I’m back in Sydney for my final two weeks away before I come crashing back to reality upon my return to the UK.

Come 4th August, I’ll be home in the South East of England. I’m hoping to pick up some shifts from my old part time employer before I head back up to university in September. Whilst that will hopefully result in some more paid employment experience, I am now getting really excited about embracing my final year in Manchester and making the most of every opportunity up there.

What do I want to achieve before graduation?

Academically, I am realistically aiming for a 2:1 but who knows. I long to enjoy my modules that I’m currently enrolling myself in and to possibly pick up a sign language course.

On the extra curricular side of things I’m eager to get more involved with The Mancunion through my new role as a sub-editor. I’m also desperate to remind myself that I was once a sporty child so am looking to take up a sport again, even if just socially, to keep me active.

Then there’s my non-uni commitments. I’m planning to continue writing for More Than The Music – I’ve already requested to cover at least five gigs in semester one – and, of course, I want to keep this blog regularly updated.

And then there’s my career plans. I guess everything I’ve already mentioned will help shape me for entering the graduate job market, but I’m hoping to make the most of The University of Manchester’s careers service (in particular, The Manchester Media Club) and to seek some form of work experience within the digital marketing sector.

Why digital marketing? It’s currently the sector alluring me the most and it’s definitely one I want to learn more about. I bought myself a copy of ‘Blogging and Tweeting without getting sued’ at Auckland Airport (it was a toss up between that and an Introduction to Facebook Marketing book) and it’s pretty interesting stuff.

So yes, that’s where my head’s currently at. I’m also looking to continue to build the profiles for A Closer Look and there are several I’m editing at the moment which should go live in the next couple of days.