The science of networking

Credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page – One of many conferences that are ideal for networking.

Whilst I feel I’ve made a good start to online networking, I know I’m still missing out on thousands of opportunities to network in the real world.

There are heaps of events that take place in major cities to encourage networking between individuals in the creative industries.

A quick look around the Internet has resulted in me immediately finding a couple of regular events I’d really love to go to on my return to the UK:

  • Stylist Network – Run by Stylist magazine, these events tend to cost between £35-£45 but they’ve managed to secure some great speakers on a range of topics. Previous events include How To Go Your First Million and How To Launch Your Business Online.
  • SheSays – One for woman in the creative industries looking for inspiration from senior creatives.
Aside from regular events, there are also less frequent conferences for bloggers and other industry types. I’ll look into these more in a later post.

There are so many more events out there though. If anyone’s been to/heard of a great event, please let me know in the comments so I can look into them!