Twitter: The Basics II


To mention someone in a tweet, simply type @ in front of their username. If you do this at the beginning of a tweet then it’ll only appear in the timelines of people who follow you both, do it anywhere else in the tweet and it will appear in all of your followers’ timelines.

A tweet that mentions you will, unsurprisingly, appear in your ‘@Mentions’ column.


Lists are one of those things that you are either into, or you never use. Basically, they’re a way of creating a timeline full of tweets from a particular group of people. You’ll often find people listed under categories such as ‘Journalists’, or more personal lists such as ‘Friends’. Lists can be viewed under ‘Lists’ from the Twitter homepage or can appear in a column on downloadable browsers such as Tweetdeck.


Hashtags are often over-used in tweets. #You don’t #need to #hashtag every #other word. This only serves to lose the effect of a hashtag in the first place. In a similar way to the List function, hashtags are a way of creating a timeline full of people talking about one particular thing. This could be a TV show (eg #apprentice) or a way of sharing news with others about a particular issue (eg #ukriots). By clicking on a word with a hashtag, Twitter will filter through all tweets that have been sent by people who don’t have private profiles and collaborate them into one list.

Two useful hashtags to be aware of if you want to get into Journalism are #journorequest and #prrequest. I’m sure I’ll write about these again in more detail, but for now just keep them in mind.

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